Instructor Led Workshops

Classroom training creates the opportunity to apply and practice real life situations in the staffing industry and is designed around adult learning theory. The learner participates in role plays, exercises for small groups and simulations developed to maximize learning and retention of material.

The most beneficial part of the workshops is the opportunity to perform the new skills and receive feedback. Although the workshops require effort on the part of the participant, they are fast-paced and fun!

  • Like the staffing industry, the training follows a quick pace
  • The focus is on realistic material that you can apply immediately
  • Training Content
  • We make the material simple and not over-complicated.
  • The training requires effort on your part, but we also make sure it is fun!
  • A workbook is provided to help with implementation.

The workshop leader is Donna Mallard. Donna has fifteen years of hands-on experience in the temporary staffing industry in service, business development, and management. The workshops she has designed focus on realistic, practical material that can be applied on the job immediately. The result is customized training for the staffing industry.

Basic Service

"You are the Consultant"

Tel. 1.919.845.1228

Skills Practice: Questioning, Listening , and analyzing
Applicant Processing: Discrimination free hiring, prescreening, interviewing, testing, reference checking, orientation
Client Activity: Value of our service, programs we offer, taking the order, gross profit margin calculations, pricing guidelines, types of orders, matching, selling the assignment, confirming with the client, quality assurance programs


"Outstanding Customer Service: Hands Down"

Tel. 1.919.845.1228

Definition and impact of poor service, Definition of outstanding customer service, five steps to highest level of service in the staffing industry.


Advanced Service

"Maximizing the Customer Relationship"
(Prerequisite = Basic Service)

Tel. 1.919.845.1228

Service Based Sales: Overview of business climate, staffing strategies, benefits to clients/staffing service, key terms, special service opportunities, opportunities to develop business, how to ask the questions, analyzing to identify trends, client service calls
Recruiting and Retention: Targeting, population changes, generation differences, elements of successful program, media,  writing effective advertisements, Internet recruiting, referral sources, setting up a program, tracking results, action plan
Handling Difficult Situations: Conflict causes/feelings, communication techniques, nine everyday challenges and steps to handling them


Basic Business Development

"Business Development for the Staffing Industry"

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Business World: Observations and trends ,liabilities
Staffing Industry: Who are we? Facts, trends, terminology
Company Profile: The market, goal setting, client roles
Preparation: Territory management, objective setting, appointment setting
Business Development: Introductions(stating objectives), exploring needs, creating options (features/advantages/benefits, preventing objections), confirming the relationship (follow-up)


Advanced Business Development

"Strategic Staffing"
(Prerequisite=Basic Business Development)

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Strategic Staffing: Key concepts, benefits, when appropriate, generic and customized cost comparison preparation and presentation
Bid Analysis: Defining expectations
Cost Analysis: Total revenue/payroll costs/service costs
Customized Staffing Services and Proposals



"The Leadership Series - Part I"

Tel. 1.919.845.1228

The Leadership Challenge:  Definitions and responsibilities, Role changes, What is superior leadership?  What followers expect, Leadership practices
Improving Organizational Performance:  What is organizational performance?  Five steps to customer driven organization
Creating Effective Teams:  Definitions, The five dysfunctions of a team, Roles of team members, Overcoming the five dysfunctions of a team


"The Leadership Series - Part II"

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Communicating and Active Listening: Challenges in industry, Roles and responsibilities, What should be communicated?  Forms of communication/model, Personal style inventory, Seek first to understand…, Communicating better at work
Motivating through Empowerment: Scavenger hunt, Manager’s dilemma, What is empowerment?, Job factors survey, Steps to creating empowerment
Solving Problems Effectively: Conflict causes and approaches, five steps to problem solving (apply model to participant's challenge)
Conducting Meetings:  Death by Meeting, Benefits/costs, Do we need a meeting?  Tasks/outcomes, The four meetings, Five keys to leading meetings.


"The Leadership Series - Part III"

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Staffing your Organization: Personal experiences, Labor market trends, Checklist, Our experiences, Strategic human resource management, Planning, Recruiting, Hiring process, Retention Training Employees to Succeed: Why train?  Adult learning theory, Needs assessment, Scheduling the training, Setting objectives, Steps/methods of training, Developing a lesson plan, Measuring the results
Coaching and Counseling: Our experiences, Match between teacher and student, When to use coaching, When to use counseling, Practice coaching, Practice counseling
Managing your Time: Prioritizing, Goals/goal sheets, Time analyzer, Three tests of time, Setting priorities, Getting organized, Time wasters and tips to manager, Happy 100th birthday